So many people have no idea what a life coach does or how to even use a life coach effectively.  Here are some answers to questions that we frequently get.

Who am I?

Coach Diedre Goree studied at San Francisco State University and received a degree in Ethnic Studies from Cal State University, East Bay.

For more than 18 years, this Coach Diedre's practice has provided women and men with effective coping strategies, emotional support, and resourceful alternatives so they can experience significant increases, success, and higher awareness in their personal life.

I notice that you use lowercase in your name.  What's up with that?

Yes, the proper way to address Coach diedre Goree is by using lowercase, it's a wonderful story and better heard than read.  Contact Coach diedre to appease your curiosity.  You will not be disappointed!

What is a Life Coach?

Life Coaches specialize in finding practical solutions to problems, hurts, stresses, and frustrations by developing options and vision. A Life Coach is an organic therapist, personal mental trainer, cheerleader, devil's advocate, archeologist of the soul and a boss all rolled up into one.

With the assistance of a strategizing partner (who is actually your coaching team), you become aware of where you are stuck and examine underlying issues that are holding you back. A Life Coach helps you achieve the life you want!

What is C.A.S.E. C.A.R.E.(d)?

When you're done working with Coach Diedre you'll be what we call C.A.S.E.  C.A.R.E.(d)

Conscious: know, love, and ready to move into your new life plan.
Aware: you are more aware of yourself -- thoughts, actions, decisions, reactions etc.
Swagged up: got your passion back.
Empowered: know, recognize, and aware of your strengths and potential.

Connected: a new support team, people you can do fun things with, hobbies, etc.
Activated: doing things again, change your routine, new habits that are productive
Rewards: doing the things that make your smile or laugh.
Energy: a new lifestyle means exercise, better diet, good sleep, intimacy, love
(d) by Diedre: you'll be transformed by Diedre!