"A Life Coach is the key to resetting your life for change." ~ Diedre Goree

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What is Life Coaching?

The process of helping an individual realize their inner potential.  A future-focused practice that leads a client to self-discovery, empowerment and personal fulfillment.

In simple terms, a therapist helps you heal the wounds of the past, but a LIFE COACH supports you in moving your life forward and helping you realize your dreams.

Why do I need a Life Coach?

Mostly, to get you unstuck.  The pattern of getting up, going to work, paying bills, repeated over and over, can become automatic, daunting and/or depressing. Life begins to lack energy and meaning.

When properly informed and motivated, these unhappy "stuck" people can change their lives!

Learn the Secret to Your Personal Power.

Through her many corporate trainings, coaching classes, and private coaching sessions, Coach Diedre has helped hundreds of people find clarity in their lives and follow their dreams.


  • Gain clarity on your life purpose and your passions
  • Recognize your personal superpowers
  • Give volume to your voice to assert your passion
  • Gain confidence in who you are on the inside and out
  • Develop techniques and skills to nurture yourself
  • Rediscover your skills, passions, and potential
  • Create a roadmap to happiness and success
  • Know your power to create change
  • Maintain your self-confidence during your discovery season
  • Begin creating the building blocks for the future you want
  • Identify and eliminate mental and physical roadblocks
  • Accept and love yourself through the journey

Take the First Step

Coach Diedre, through If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes Life Coaching has trained hundreds of people, using her special brand of no-nonsense, common sense advice infused with insight and personal responsibility.  Don't miss this opportunity.  Contact her today!