Diedre Goree is the owner & life coach of “If Nothing Changes...Nothing Changes Life Coaching” headquartered in Richmond California for the past 25 years.


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Coach Diedre's Story

One day several years ago, I called my mother and started complaining about my life.

By that time, I'd been a wife, working mom, a stay-at-home mom, and adult student.  I'd also been stuck in what I now know is a cycle of monotony.  There was no joy in my life, I wasn't happy -- and I didn't know why.

My mother silenced me with one simple phrase.  She said, "If nothing changes, nothing changes." The call to my mother was that proverbial wake-up call.  After that, I knew I had to stop complaining about my life, stop waiting for change, and just start changing.  After years not knowing what I didn't know, it became clear to me:  If I don't change, I would be stuck forever in a life I could only complain about.

That's when I started on my path of self-empowerment, personal transformation, inner growth, and peace.  As I continued down that path, I began to eliminate bouts of temporary depression, weight gain, anger, resentment and the stagnation of monotony.

As I emerged from the place I'd been, I realized I had been given a gift, one I had to be willing to share with anyone else who was frustrated, unfulfilled, unhappy -- but willing to work for something else, something better.

Our Story

Meet the Team

Paul Goree

Paul Goree

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Paul is responsible for the daily operation of the company, making sure we maintain the professionalism needed to serve our customers.


Rosalind Welch

Marketing Director

Rosalind's 15+ years of marketing experience; she helps our organization develops marketing strategy,  identifying customers and their current and future needs and communicate with our clients to maintain customer satisfaction and long-term "personal power" results.

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